The Flaming Ice Cube on Public Square Downtown Cleveland

Well, two weeks is almost up, which will mark the end of my Vegan trial. I must admit, it has not been all that difficult especially with places like The Flaming Ice Cube on Public Square in downtown Cleveland.

This type of restaurant takes a lot of the thinking out of the decision making process when sitting down to eat. I made the mistake of asking if a couple things were Vegan only to get a confirmation that “again, everything here is vegan so you don’t need to ask.” I guess that’s great, the food was amazing, vegan burger with vegan mayo and vegan moz, a side of vegan potato salad and vegan cream in my coffee. All were really really good, my wife’s burrito wasn’t bad either.

My only question, and this will continue to to puzzle me moving forward as I decide to what degree my diet will be vegan in my everyday life. If the food is vegan but it is obviously processed in some way, i.e. the mayo or cheese, is that any better for you? Should we in fact just say goodbye to those items all together whether they have dairy in them or not and just focus on “fresh and local?” A question perhaps that I will continue to debate moving forward.

Bottom line The Flaming Ice Cube presents a wonderful option for the vegetarian vegan or just your average lover of good cuisine, I highly recommend it, Thanks Karen!

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