Big Things to Watch for this Year in Cleveland #1 Medical Mart

Cities have the tendency to talk BIG and fail to deliver.  I’m not saying Cleveland has been any different in the past but starting in recent years and continuing this year and beyond, you are going to start seeing more and more ACTION!

The infrastructure has been layed, The Euclid Corridor (The Health Line), connecting the medical districts to downtown provides a vital link between the leading sector for employment growth and the entertainment and commercial district, downtown.

If you get a chance, stroll over to Cleveland’s Historic Mall, on the North side of town just East of the Warehouse District.  This is perhaps the most important piece to the new era of growth in this city.  They just broke ground last week but you can get a sense of the final vision.

The 235,000 square foot Medical Mart will be a permanent display for medical equipment with “Showrooms focused on cardiology, surgery, OBGYN, imaging, orthopedics, sterilization, healthcare furnishings, patient care, healthcare IT and medical devices will fill the Medical Mart, paving the way for the newest generation of innovation and distribution in the healthcare sector. ”

There will also be a Trade Show Facility and Conference Center.

Keep an eye out for updates regarding this developing Cleveland Resource.

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