Weihnachtsmarkt and more in Cleveland

Merry Xs and Os

Well… Fall was fun but Winter has come.  I watched the big city trucks come and pick up the last of my leaves this morning as the second wave of snowflakes was falling on my yard.  Time to embrace it or risk a very very long next few months.  One of the great things about winter of course, are the things that come along with it to help you not focus on..well.. it being winter.  In Cleveland we have special events popping off everywhere all the time.  This Saturday in Ohio City is a great example.  Starting at 11:30am and going till dusk, in Market Square in Ohio City, Great Lakes Brewing Company will be hosting a Christmas Festival, based on a German Weihnachtsmarkt, or German Market.  Expect the whole nine yards from Santa Claus to Christmas trees for sale, to holiday foods and spices to horse-drawn carriages.  This is not to be missed.

Then same day, going from about 5-10pm is the Ohio City Christmas Walk.  This event is pre-selling tickets of which about 800 were sold last year.  All along Whitman Avenue, homes will be on display in all their Christmas wonder.

Check it out and have fun!

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