Mosey on down to Banyan Tree in Cleveland’s Tremont

With the Holidays comes the fun and exciting shopping season.  My first attempt at beginning this long arduous process landed me at Banyan Tree in Tremont a few nights ago.  My longtime friend Alicia works there and happened to share a link with me about an event they were holding with special discounts, wine, cheese and.. well.. shopping.  I petitioned my friend Jeremy to come along and we headed out.  Tremont is truly one of Cleveland’s healthiest and most vibrant areas, this is reinforced every time I land there.  As for this adventure, we showed up at the shop and soon discovered we were in the vast minority, we being guys.  All the same, we got a couple glasses of wine, sampled some cheeses and grapes and were off to shopping.  This store definitely gives the consumer something different.  To use their words, they offer a “contemporary urban oasis with unique gift/decor items and chic clothing!”  Well the items are certainly unique and some are actually very cool.  I think people that never venture into areas and shops like this in Cleveland, and stick to the suburban malls, really miss out on bringing home that authentically cool and unusual “thing.”  We left empty handed but on another day I’m sure I would have left with a few gems.  Whether its candles, clothes, baby outfits even art you seek, I would keep Banyan Tree on your list of stops, you won’t be disappointed.

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