Mobile Food: Dim and Den Sum Takes the Cake!

We had the opportunity to have these guys park outside of our company art opening last week and boy was it a treat!  I had heard things here and there about a mobile gourmet food cart with Asian influence that would post their various locations for that day and  people would flock, but I had no idea how good they were.  As soon as I bit into my delicious Dim Burger I knew, and as I watched all the people around switch their conversation from art to food, the idea really hit home.  Dim and Den Sum are more then a mobile food cart, they represent something that is already common place in places like Philly, New York and Chicago and is now in our future.  The difference is, this cart doesn’t carry sloppy gyros and greasy fries, these guys do it up right.  Two chefs from the restaurant Fire in Shaker Heights opened up this restaurant on wheels with the idea of bringing something different.  Well, by all accounts, they are succeeding, if this sounds like your cup of tea, find them on facebook where you will get daily location updates and you can check them out!

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