Cleveland Co-Ed Intramural Sports are a great way for Adults to act like Kids!

Mr. Overly Competitive Flag Football Game Player
Mr. Overly Competitive Flag Football Game Player

One of the most fun things I have discovered about adult life in Cleveland is that you don’t need to act like an adult all the time.  Whether its indoor co-ed kickball at Mulberry’s in the Flats or outdoor co-ed kickball at Franklin Park in Ohio City, or Flag Football on Saturday’s, or Volleyball at Whiskey Island, the list of fun ways adults can break up their week and go have unbridled Innocent good old fashion fun with friends goes on and on.  Now I know every city probably has some sort of organized co-ed sports league so maybe what makes Cleveland so different is the usual answer, “its people.”  If you are new to the city or want to make some new friends, this is a great way to start. Whether its Cleveland Plays or Hermes or a start up league like my “Every Other Saturday Flag Football,  Sometimes There is a Ref Sometimes there Isn’t League,” there are plenty of options.  Many teams are sponsored by local bars so it wouldn’t be unusual for you to meet up at one of these establishments following a game which makes for an all around fun day.  So my advice, once a week, go act like a kid, strap on your kickball shoes and check it out!


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