Felice Urban Cafe in Larchmere

I went with a large number of friends and family to Felice Urban Cafe last night in Larchmere for their special app, entree and dessert for $22.  I had very high expectations but was hardly blown away.  Most of the food had an unusual twist, there was a wide variety of choices and the atmosphere was charming and quaint.  The problem wasn’t any of these things, however, the problem was the service.  I don’t know if it was a busy night, or if they weren’t prepared for a table of 13 or if 3 waitresses called off that night, what I do know is that I had to beg for a second glass of wine, the entire dinner took over 3 hours and 1 person in our party didn’t even get her entree at all!  Thats right, they simply forgot to bring it out till they were serving dessert and then refused to take anything off the bill or even offer apologies.

To sum up, I’m sure most people have an awesome experience at Felice, everyone else who was dining that night seemed happy, other reviews on the web seem to be overall positive, and the menu seemed to deliver overall.  So I can forgive one night of bad service.  The taste I can’t seem to get out of my mouth is the complete lack of taking ownership.  All most reasonable people want is to know they are being noticed.  If you do something wrong, you will usually be forgiven if you take responsiblity and try to make it right.  We didn’t even see a hint of this, however, and that is hard to forgive.  No manager apology, no complimentary dessert, drink or even the dinner that was brought out after everyone else had finished.  Nothing! And to top it all off, a 20% tip was included in the bill.  And because of the service, I will need to think long and hard about ever taking a chance on Felice again.

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